Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Require Surgery?

Many people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel release surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. Are all the surgeries necessary?

I found a lot of information on natural treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome as well as exercises and over the counter medications. The basic treatments that I found are the use of ice, massage, wrist splints and anti-inflammatory medications.

The reason for using ice is to reduce the swelling in the wrist that causes pressure to build up and compress the medial nerve therefore causing pain.

The massage techniques that I found are intended to get the blood flowing in the affected area.

The wrist splints keep the wrist from moving too much which decreased the irritation in the carpal tunnel.

Anti-inflammatory medications of course reduce the inflammation allowing for relief of compression at the wrist.

Here is some great information on wrist pain management.

I believe that many surgeries can be avoided by implementing natural treatments for wrist pain.

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  1. There are several ways to address Carpel Tunnel through bodywork. Most of the problems stem from the more proximal portions of the arm and the shoulder. Don McCann, the creator of SET, has an entire 12 hour course devoted to it. I have the book, It requires a lot of patience on the practitioner’s part and very slow movements.

  2. The median nerve enters the palm by passing through an anatomical region called the carpal tunnel at the wrist. This region is bound by the bones in the hand on one side and a tough fibre on the other (flexor retinaculum). The tunnel is extremely narrow and any swelling inside it often pinches on the nerve.There are several factors that have been recognised as predisposing to the condition. One of them is being born with a smaller than normal tunnel. Persons with small tunnels have a higher chance of getting the syndrome, according to studies. Another significant risk factor is the repeated use of the wrist to execute the same motion over several weeks, months or years and especially when working with vibrating tools.,

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    1. Good points. Carpal tunnel syndrome can sometimes be confused with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which is a compression of the brachial plexus between the rib cage and the collarbone.

  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression on the the median nerve due to prolong typing, computer gaming and writing. You can check more information on this site and read more articles on our experts advice.

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