What I Learned From My Juice Fast

juice fastingI did a 10 day juice fast for the first ten days of 2012 and here are some of the things that I learned from that experience.

First off it’s not that bad! After reading about some other peoples experience I thought that I would feel awful for the first couple of days. I felt a little hungry, but I chalk that up to not having the experience of making enough juice for the day.

I did miss the crunch of food and good dining experiences and I don’t think that I could really do the cleanse for more than a month but after a few days I started getting used to the extra time that I had by not spending time fixing meals.

I felt more energy. It took about four days for me to start feeling good and energetic. One great thing about feeling energy is that it changes my attitude about exercise. I was eager to exercise and found it fun and not a chore like I usually do.

 I lost ten pounds. I wasn’t sure how much weight I would lose because I did drink a lot of calories during the cleanse but I dropped 10 pounds and I feel great. Only 10 more to go.

Just felt generally more healthy. I felt really good after the 10 days was done but I was also ready for food. A salad actually sounded wonderful and that is not a typical craving that I have, I made a salad and it was so delicious!


Which Fitness Program Should I Choose?

The new year is upon us and I, like most people, am ready to make some progress with my health. It’s time to figure out what I want to do to begin the change.

Lately I have been drawn to a vegan diet, it seems to make me feel better and gives me more energy. I have found a good resource for a raw foods diet as well with this program called Eating For Energy, these people know what they are talking about and make it easy to eat well.

I have to say however, that my favorite fitness program is the Truth About Abs program. There are so many great informative as well as motivational articles on this site like The Hidden Dangers of Your Excess Abdominal Fat, Secrets For Losing Stubborn Stomach Fat, Surprise Abs Training Mistakes to Avoid, and many more!

One thing that I really like about this program is that it makes sense to me, unlike some of the diets like the Atkins Diet or The 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet or the South Beach Diet this program has real common sense nutritional information and they are not afraid to tell the truth about things like the dangers of canola oil or why not to eat grain fed beef. This is really honest information. I personally prefer to get my protein from non-animal products but if you like animal protein they tell you the best way to choose your meat.

So I’m getting started with the new year, new body, more energy and more fun!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!



Juice Fasting

I recently watched this great movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and was very inspired to start my new year off with a juice fast.

One of the most appealing things about a juice fast for me is that it is not hard to do and you get to give your body a bit of a rest from serious digesting.

I will start this juice fast on the 1st of January and do it for 10 days. I will update you with my progress and tell you what I am learning as well as post some of my favorite juice recipes.

Feel free to let me know if you have some good recipes or advice.




You Could Get Better When You Choose Natural Health

Getting lots of rest and drinking a lot of water will be the basics of combating colds and flues. Ensure you get enough Vitamin C to help keep your immune system boosted. Knowing those ideas is one thing but putting it into practice is fairly another, specially when all you want is rest from your frosty symptoms. For this reason a lot of people spend so much money on non-prescription drugs. They feature quick relief from cold and flu symptoms. The rest from these medications is generally temporary and can actually increase the length of your illness. Why can you pick a longer frosty with temporary spells of relief over a shorter cold with longer periods with relief?

Start with water. Water can perform more than simply keep we hydrated and keep your thirst quenched. There is more to sinus headache relief than taking several aspirin also ibuprofen-water can be a fantastic headache combatant. It’s possible for the headache to start because your body needs water. {A} headache will frequently begin to fade once you drink some water. Water can be used for a lot more than simple hydration. When you have a fever, for instance, take a hot bath-keep {a} cold compress in your head and yet let yourself sit in the hot bath for a time. The warmth makes it possible to start sweating (to break your own fever) and helps parts of your muscles curl up. Sweat is how your body does its own temperature regulation as well as how that brings fevers down.

Garlic is well known for its detoxifying properties. Trying out to 1500 mgs with garlic each day (500 mgs three times each day) is one of the best ways to ensure that the garlic can really enter the body to work its magic. {A} 500mg supplement gives you comparable amount of garlic together clove. If you eat three meals per day, each one meal must have at least a clove with garlic inside it or you can have a supplemental tablet. Garlic is easily available; you can by clove flowers of garlic at the store for low prices or even a bottle of the spice pretty inexpensively. {Don’t} spend more than 5 days consuming so much garlic. Your doctor should be called if you spend more than 5 days feeling pretty sick.

You need to introduce ginseng into your daily diet as well. Getting hold of ginseng is not difficult-a large amount of the teas we already drink are most likely infused with this particular element and you can also find it in the herbal area of your grocery store.

You shouldn’t wait before you are sick to fill your property with ginseng; filling your property in advance means that you’ll be prepared and might even be able to fight off the infection entirely. Use some ginseng tea if you feel as if you are starting to get a cold. The tea will be beneficial for your physical symptoms (sore throat, clogged sinuses, etc) and the ginseng will boost your immune system so it can perform well.

To stay well and kill colds before they launch, use natural health techniques to increase the performance of your immune system. More importantly, focusing on how to correctly treat the symptoms you do have can go a considerable ways to working for you combat illness also to remain from accidentally making yourself sicker. Don’t be afraid to be practical and use everything you have on hand rather than stuffing a number of chemicals into your system

Build A Physique You Can Be Proud Of With These Weight Training Tips

Some call it a fountain of youth. Fat instruction continues to be established to become 1 of the most effective approaches to stave off the getting older method, when mixed with excellent diet. University scientific studies proved the usefulness of reasonable bodyweight teaching in enhancing the power from the bones and skeletal program additionally towards the muscle tissue. Moreover, hormonal rewards had been observed that developed a a lot more “youthful” profile within the hormones and inside the blood chemistry.

So why are not far more folks excess weight coaching? 1 purpose is the fact that it will take a little of time to view the outcomes, and several men and women basically are not performing it properly, and shed endurance.

Reaching Objectives
As a way to attain outcomes you must be on the strategy for the minimal of thirty days. In the thirty day mark you must see and really feel obvious outcomes from your teaching. To say that you simply can go from a sofa potato to some bodybuilder in thirty days could be completely untrue, even so you’ll be able to make severe gains in direction of your objective using the proper methods. You an come across examples in the tactics for every single physical exercise on the web or in textbooks.

The approach and program can differ for every individual depending on what their original objectives are. Ideally these objectives will alter with time, while you progress and enhance in problem you’ll set new objectives to attain.

New towards the Program
Should you be new to fat coaching, you may wish to see your physician initial to make sure you’re physically in a position to start a brand new physical exercise program. Choose a plan which you can stick to for your thirty days as talked about earlier mentioned. If spending budget is actually a consideration it is possible to fill milk jugs with sand and starts making use of them as your weights. Start off having a light fat which you can execute a minimum of ten repetitions with. Use about 6-7 fundamental bodyweight lifting workouts to begin. Examples of those are; the Overhead Press, Arm Curls, Rowing, Squat or Knee Bends, Calf Increase, Lying Chest Press. This may give an general work out that can get you transferring and construct your power.

Warm Up and Awesome Down
A warm up isn’t constantly required, although it may be valuable. Commence with any moves that increase your coronary heart fee, and include in a few stretching as soon as you’re a little warm.

Awesome down with some stretches to assist take it easy and fix the muscle tissue.
A protein consume afterward will support using the creating of new and more powerful muscle fiber.
Excess weight teaching is beneficial for just about any grownup, at any age. It’s not suggested for young children beneath sixteen with out an skilled individual to guidebook them.

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Natural Treatments Of Gout

Gout, also called gouty arthritis, is a chronic disorder of uric acid metabolism. It is revealed as acute attacks of a form of arthritis in which crystals of uric acid compounds appear in the synovial fluid of joints. The disease also is marked deposits of urate compounds in and around the joints of the extremities; these frequently lead to joint deformity and disability. The disease affects more men than women, usually appearing after the age of 30. Among women, gout usually appears after menopause

Beef, iron, and pork are also purine rich foods, but these meats do not usually cause gout if they are consumed in moderation. Game meat may also contain high amounts of purine, although most people do not consume a large amount of game meat as part of a modern diet.

As another effective treatment for gout, your doctor may suggest that you take anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal medicines. These medicines should be takes as soon as the symptoms start to relieve inflammation and pain. Occasionally, as another treatment for gout, strong painkillers may be prescribed. Corticosteroids could also be another effective treatment for gout. Your doctor may inject corticosteroids into your joints to ease the pain.

A major change in diet is an important, if not primary, natural medicine for gout. Gout is seriously aggravated by purine foods, and may even be the sole reason for the gout. Some purine foods include organ meat, meat gravy, stock, mussels, herring, anchovies, shellfish, sardines, asparagus, and mushrooms. White flour, spinach, cauliflower, dried beans, poultry, and sugar may also need to be avoided, being somewhat high in purine. Alcohol, especially beer, is very high in purines and must also be avoided, unless you can compensate with drinking much water along with the beverages to keep acid from building up in your system. Replace these foods with fruits, berries, vegetables, whole grains, and especially wheat grass.

Dietary changes can alleviate gout symptoms also. Drinking a lot of water helps the body remove uric acid from the bloodstream. Dairy products, black cherry juice, and blueberries can also remove urate crystals from the body and uric acid from the bloodstream. Excessive vitamin C consumption elevates the levels of uric acid in and can contribute to the development of a gout toe.

Some people want a natural treatment for gout, or any other medical problem. For centuries, plant extracts and natural herbs have been used to treat gout in Europe and Asia. Clinical research proved that those plant extract do have natural compounds that reduce uric acids in the blood and expel it from the body. Those scientific studies lead to the creation of Goutezol. Goutezol is an effective natural treatment for gout because it reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation. It also improves purine metabolism and digestion, gets rid of uric acids in the body, lowers the levels of uric acid in the blood. Goutezol is the only product on the market that contains an extract from the mulberry tree. In China, mulberry has been used for centuries to treat gout. Goutezol is a great treatment for gout because it starts working almost immediately.

Find out more about Natural Remedy Gout – How Does Fluid Intake Cause, Affect, and Help Cure Gout?. Visit our site where you can learn all about What type of arthritis do you have?.

Have You Heard of ASEA Water – What is ASEA?

What is ASEA?

ASEA is a product that gives your body natural molecules that assist in increasing endurance, fighting cellular inflammation,  and speeding up recovery. ASEA helps protect healthy cells by enhancing the bodies antioxidants and helps the immune system detect and repair damaged cells. ASEA is truly natural because it’s based on the saline solution that exists in our cells.

There are independent studies showing that ASEA, when in contact with living cells, increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important antioxidants more than 5 times over and also increased their rate of production. ASEA was shown to enhance the signaling processes involved in damage control.


What is ASEA Not?

ASEA is not:

  • a juice
  • an herbal formula
  • a mineral supplement
  • an exotic fruit or berry drink

What is ASEA Based On?

ASEA science is based on the field of Redox Signaling Molecules and it is the only one patent-protected Redox Signaling product in the world.

Here is a great video about ASEA.

Visit this site to find out more about ASEA and what it is and how it can make you feel great!

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential especially when you are unemployed and looking for a job. I found this article on developing a good attitude for getting a job. This is very relevant to many people these days and hopefully this will help someone land their next job.

Check it out here.

There is some good information about job hunting and interview tips here as well.

How Much Protein is Enough?

protein sources

Am I Getting Enough Protein?

There is a lot of nutritional information out there, but who really knows what is right?

I found a great article about how much protein the average person should consume.

A lot of the articles on nutrition are targeting extremely active people and can provide information that is not applicable to most people.

This article tells the truth about the amount of protein required for the average person. Read it Here!